Why hiring freeze is great for multiple w2 jobs

Let’s say you have multiple full-time w2 jobs. 💸One of them is your job 1 which has your main career track, brings the most income and/or has the best boss. Then you have job 2 which is okay. Your priority is job 1 and sometimes tasks at job 2 can get delayed, meetings skipped but overall you do an average job.

Without a hiring freeze, your boss at job 2 can be tempted to put you on PIP (performance improvement plan) or fire right away. He/she can replace you with above average or even an outstanding/top performer because the hiring is open. The boss has a headcount and can use it to back fill you.

Now with a hiring freeze in place, your boss will likely keep you as an average performer. Heck, maybe even as a below average performer. That’s because, now he/she won’t be able to easily replace/backfill your role. All new hiring is frozen! It’ll require VP+ level approvals and who wants to go through that? So with a hiring freeze, we get more leeway and more room for errors as overemployed. Just don’t over abuse it and remember to do good job at all jobs so that you can keep them long-term! 😉