How being overemployed increases job satisfaction

Many overemployed people (people with multiple full-time W2, typically white-collar jobs) notice a rapid shift in their job satisfaction. That’s because they undergo a change in perspectives (a.k.a. mindset change). Before, workers were focused on delivering results in hopes of chasing promotions, bonuses and/or praise (which is just a false proxy for job security). Now, they are focused on doing 2, 3 or even 4 jobs at the average level while banking 4x the salary. They are focused on themselves by getting the most monetary compensation possible.

Before being overemployed, here are some things that were annoying:

  • This meeting takes too long
  • This person likes to talk a lot
  • This recurring meeting such as standup, status report, all hands is useless 
  • I’m blocked and other people are slow to respond to me to unblock me
  • I need access to system XYX, there’s a ticket system and I have to wait
  • I hate delays due to other factors not under my control
  • I am bored
  • I have nothing interesting to do
  • I should ask my boss about more work and more interesting and/or impactful projects
  • My peers are not putting quality work and don’t want to get trained
  • I don’t have my laptop delivered/setup/replaced yet
  • I am annoyed re-doing my work for nitpicks/formatting/small errors/style (critiques from boss or peers)
  • I am annoyed by this peer (manager pet?) who always volunteers for projects
  • I am annoyed by this peer who is putting more hours than I do
  • My manager/peers/company is disorganized.
  • My job is bullshit. I’m not learning anything new. I’m bored. I don’t believe in the mission
  • No one notices me. No one praises me.

After the overemployed (MW2J) mindset change, these are no longer annoyances but 

  • This long and useless meeting can be skipped or I can work on my other jobs during it.
  • The more they ask to re-do for nitpicks, the easier it is. I get paid no matter what but at least this project is familiar and these are just small changes anyway.
  • Good job volunteering and putting long hours, my friend! Keep it up so you can get a 10% raise while I’m making 200-400% my comp.
  • It’s better when my peers are doing a below average job so that I look better while multi-jobbing. And yes, I don’t want to train them because then it’ll be easier to replace me.
  • It’s good when I don’t have anything new to do, because I know the old stuff pretty well so I have time to do my personal errands or do other 3 jobs.
  • The more I’m blocked and the more I’m delayed due to external factors, the more time to catch up on my other jobs.
  • The more disorganized my manager/peers/company is, the better because in this inefficiency I can learn new interesting stuff, take some down time or catch up on my other jobs.
  • I need more jobs that are bullshit to optimize for $$$. My mission is to provide for myself and my family. I can be entertained or learn in some other way.
  • I love that no one notices me because I need to stay under radar and avoid being caught doing multiple full-time W2 jobs.

So you can see that many of the annoyances of a typical large company (bureaucratic) work become benefits when people have multiple W2 full-time professional jobs. It’s a great psychological relief and stress reducer. Join the movement!