Benefits and pros of having multiple W2 full-time jobs

In a nutshell, having multiple W2 full-time knowledge jobs (a.k.a. being overemployed) will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Predictability 📈: in case of layoffs or a bad boss situation, you know that you’ll have another job to fall back on for your rent, loan, mortgage, credit card and health insurance payments. Yes, your income will decrease but not to a 0. 
  • Job security: you turn the tables and get real job security when working 2+ jobs compared to hoping for the best with a single job (hope is not a strategy). That’s stock market diversification applied to employment.
  • Peace of mind (your performance): no need to be stressed out anymore about performance reviews or 1-1s with your manager or what some of your colleagues might say about you.
  • Peace of mind (company’s performance) 📉: no need to worry about the company going bankrupt, layoffs, crises, markets, losing to competitors, getting fined by the government, being sued and so on. These things are outside of your influence unless you are in a C-suite, but they do influence all of us if we depend on just a single company.
  • Faster learning through exposure: you can broaden your skill set because you’ll have a broader exposure to different tools and can pick and choose what’s more promising for your career. With one job you can get stuck in an old tech/tool/methodology.
  • 🚀Faster learning through experimentation: you will lessen the fear of trying riskier approaches/projects, or asking for special work arrangements; you’ll be more bold in experimenting with new methods and technologies.
  • Faster career growth: due to faster learning of skills and through experimentation you’ll build expertise and valuable skills faster. Moreover, you can try out new jobs with bigger titles at other companies, instead of killing yourself trying to get a promotion at one company.
  • Better work life balance 🪴: you can quit the rat race of the next promotion because no promotion can compare with a second paycheck and on job will always be riskier than two (diversification)
  • Multiple income streams: You get a faster path to Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), faster path to paying off debts, building savings and so on. WIth a second job, your savings won’t just double, they will increase 4x or more because the whole second paycheck can go to savings while just a small portion of the first paycheck was going there before.🤑 
  • Minimize new job failure risk: Less risk of switching to a worse job when changing jobs because it’s extremely hard to know if a new job is really as good as advertised by the company and interviewers.
  • Fun and joy 🤪: you can bring value to 2-3x companies and teams. Your work can help multiple teams and many more customers/clients. You’ll be more valued. You’ll be more motivated to work. A lot of people get the fulfillment of the work they do but sometimes they have to wait due to a company’s bureaucracy. With two jobs, you can quickly switch during downtime and not be frustrated by delays that you had when having a single job. You are not being bored and don’t have to wait on others doing nothing. You’ll have more interesting work to pick from when having two jobs instead of a single job.

This list is not all. I’m sure others will come up with more benefits. It could be socializing, meeting your soulmate (because you meet more colleagues), getting into a new (riskier) career or a startup and so on. I only outlined the most common benefits and pros. Of course, there are cons too. I go more on WHYs as well as cons in my book Multiple W2 Jobs Manifesto.